Japanese Juku


Sample Drill 1

Q: 漢字の数は?

A: 漢字は50,000字以上もある。しかし、現代の新聞や雑誌で使われるのは4,000以内、よく使われる漢字は2,000字ぐらいだ。

Here is a question and its answer from my new kanji test study dictionary. There are many puzzles, games, and bits of info stuck in margins and gaps between sections. Can you read it? If not, and you want help, Continue reading


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Bikkuri Nippongo Created

Today I created a new blog called “Bikkuri’s Japanese Juku” (bikkurinippongo) at WordPress. I will start posting lessons here, but there is no grand plan from the beginning. Initially, I will be experimenting with formatting posts to get the right feel, so I will post lessons of various types.

Two main types of posts should appear frequently: Lectures, and Drills. Lecture posts will be mostly one way. I will post some piece of information that I have learned for you to read. Drills will contain something more active for the reader to try to accomplish. My current idea for this is to conceal the answers in the second half of the post. Once you have made an attempt you can check the full post.

All lectures and drills will fall into categories regarding what is being taught. Kanji, Radicals, Vocabulary, … will be used often.

From the beginning I expect the site to be moderately useful, and as the tools develop, I hope it can grow to be a way to unlock some mysteries of communicating with the Land of the Rising Sun.

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