Japanese Juku


Sample Drill 2

Spent some time running errands at the bank and Docomo (cell phone provider) office. Both use a ‘take a number’ system of queuing. In America the slips of paper usually just contain a number – cheap and utilitarian. In Japan politeness is critical; here’s what I read on the slips while waiting:

  • 受付票 (受付番号)
  • 071
  • (各種お申込・ご相談・修理)
  • ‘07.05.29
  • 番号順にお取り扱い致しておりますので、恐れ入りますがお呼びする迄お待ち下さい。
  • 百五銀行 一志支店 (ドコモショップ 久居店)

The parenthetical bits were on the cell phone office slip, otherwise the slips were almost identical. Can you translate it? If you’d like help Continue reading


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